Content Management

Content Management
  1. Keywords for Your Content Marketing (video tutorial)

    Keywords for Your Content Marketing

    Choosing Impactful Keywords for Your Content Marketing Funnel

    Nicole Kohler, Content Strategist at Animalz, recently sat down with us to discuss how she and her team combat this all-to-common problem by helping clients choose the right keywords to address their audience at different stages of the content marketing funnel, and how they evaluate those keywords—before the content gets created—to maximize impact. Watch the video now, and check out our transcription of the top points below.

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  2. Improve Your How-To Articles

    Improve Your How-To Articles

    Tips to Help Improve Your How-To Articles and Build More Brand Trust

    How-to articles today may have a tougher time winning over readers than they did in the past. On WordPress alone, users now publish about 41.7 million new posts every month. That’s a lot of blog posts vying for attention — and how-to headlines are a popular format. You’ve got stiff competition.

    If your how-to articles are falling flat with only a few shares and low traffic, it may be time to give them a lift. Though writers can safely rely on the how-to article best practices outlined below, the most important move you can make is to ensure you’re answering the questions your readers are really asking.


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